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Term of Service

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Term of Service

1. Introduction
These terms of use (Terms) set out the relationship between you (user) and Findbounty Studios regarding your use of our games and services. By downloading, playing or accessing our Games Services you agree to these Terms. You agree that the Privacy Notice and House Rules form part of these Terms.

Please read these Terms. If you do not understand these Terms, or do not accept any part of them, then you should not use or purchase the Services. By installing, using or accessing our Services you accept our Terms, Privacy Policy and House Rules.

If a child wishes to use our Services, the child’s legal guardian agrees to these Terms as a precondition to the child’s use.

You can access these Terms at any time at
We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of our Terms.
Your continued use of our Services confirms your acceptance of the updated Terms, Privacy Policy or House Rules.

2. Right To Use Our Services
Subject to these Terms, we grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferrable, non-sublicensable, limited right to use our Services for your own personal, non-commercial, entertainment purposes. You agree not to use our Services for any other purpose. The rights granted to you are subject to your full compliance with these Terms.

Except as set out in clause above, you do not receive any other license and we retain all right, title and interest in and to the Services. This means we own at all times all copyright, trade marks, code, software, characters, themes, character names, game names, storylines, dialogue, settings, artwork, sounds effects, music, in-app items, gameplay recordings, trade secrets, patents, titles, and any and all rights in, or derived from, the Services. The Services must not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any manner or any medium without our prior written consent, which will be granted or withheld in our sole discretion.

The licence ends on the earlier of your disposal of the Services or our termination of the licence in accordance with these Terms.

3. Virtual Items
Our Services may include Virtual Items. These items can be earned through gameplay or “purchased” with legal currency or Provider Credits.
You agree that Virtual Items only exist within our Services and can never be exchanged for real money, real goods or real services from us or anyone else.
Any balance of Virtual Items does not reflect any stored value.

We reserve the right to control, regulate, change or remove any Virtual Items without notice and without any liability to you.

You are not entitled to bring any Claims in respect of, and do not suffer, any Loss as a result of any “loss” of or “damage” to your Virtual Items. To the full extent permitted by law, we will not be liable to compensate you in respect of any matter whatsoever related to the Virtual Items, including but not limited to any Loss you allege to have suffered or any Claims you allege to be entitled to bring.

If we suspend or terminate your Account due to your breach of these Terms you will lose any Virtual Items that you may have and we will not compensate you for this loss or make any refund to you.

If you successfully request that your personal data be deleted in accordance with the Privacy Notice, you will permanently lose all your Virtual Items, and other Account information, will not have any right to refund. Once deleted, we can no longer associate such any Virtual Items with you.

4. User Interaction
To use our Services you must:
our Services may enable you to communicate with other users, or to post materials that may be made publically available;

you are solely responsible for the User Content that you post on, through or in connection with our Services;

you grant us a royalty free, worldwide, non-exclusive, sub-licensable right to use any User Content (including your Intellectual Property) created or submitted using our Services;

User Content is considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. If you have an idea or information that you would like to keep confidential and/or don’t want others to use, do not post it on our Services. We have no obligation to evaluate, use or compensate you for any ideas or information you choose to submit;

you will comply with our House Rules at all times when posting material and interacting using our Services;

we may reject, refuse to post or delete any User Content for any or no reason, including, but not limited to, User Content that in our sole opinion violates these Terms, our Privacy Policy or our House Rules;

you are responsible for all risks associated with the use of any User Content available when using our Service. We are not responsible or liable for the accuracy or content of user posts or transmissions made by other users of our Services, and we are not liable for any Loss or Claim resulting from any action taken or reliance made by you regarding any User Content; and

you are solely responsible for interaction with other users of our Service and any other parties that you interact with through our Services. We reserve the right to become involved in these disputes at our sole discretion. If you have a dispute, you release us from claims, demands and damages of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with the dispute.

5. Intellectual Property
You agree that all Intellectual Property relating to our Services is owned by or licenced by us. Our Services are being licensed to you and you understand that no title or ownership in our Services is being transferred or assigned and these Terms are not a sale of any rights in our Services.

Our Services may allow you to create User Content. To the extent that any User Content created by you gives rise to any Intellectual Property rights, you will retain ownership of these, and you grant us a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fee-free, fully transferable and sub-licensable licence to use, exploit or modify your User Content in any way and for any purpose, without compensation to you. You further agree not to enforce, and otherwise waive to the fullest extent legally possible, any moral rights that you may have now or in the future in respect of your User Content.

6. Advertising
You understand that:
our Services may feature advertisements from us and/or third parties;

we may at our sole discretion introduce advertising into any of our Services that do not presently contain advertising, unless we have explicitly stated that that Service will be an advertising-free Service;

we are not responsible for the content of any third party advertisements, nor the content of any website or other materials that may be linked to by third party advertisements, and you view those third party websites and materials at your sole risk; and

we provide information to third party advertisers in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

7. Third Party Services
Third party services may be used when you:
purchase, install or update our Services, including but not limited to digital storefronts such as the Apple iOS App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store; and
use our Services, including but not limited to gameplay recording and sharing, social media connectivity and the like.

These third party services are subject to respective third party terms and conditions. Please study these third party terms and conditions carefully as they constitute an agreement between you and the applicable third party service provider. We are not liable for the activities of any such third parties.

Our Services may contain links (including via advertisements) to third party websites or other third party content or services. Those links are provided for convenience only and may not remain current or be maintained. You understand that:
links to third party content or services are not endorsements, approvals or recommendations by us of the third parties, or of any content or services provided by them;
your use of any third party content or services may be subject to separate terms and conditions; and
when you provide data to third parties you are providing it in accordance with their privacy policy (if any) and our Privacy Policy does not apply in relation to that data.

8. Privacy
We will collect, process, use and share your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Notice, as set out in these Terms and as you otherwise consent. Our Privacy Notice forms part of these Terms.

By using our Services, you agree to these Terms, including our Privacy Notice, and acknowledge that your agreement is a precondition to your use of the Services.

Any personal information that we collect may also be subject to the policy of any social network that you may agree to link our Services to. If you use our Services and you agree to allow them to interact with a social network you are giving us permission to use any information which that social network shares with us that will allow us to personally identify you. You are also granting us permission to help your contacts on that network find you so that you can play socially. This is intended to make our Services more enjoyable for you and others that use our Services on that social network. If you do not agree to these practices you should not allow our Services to interact with your social network.

We may use cookies, or similar technologies to store certain types of information each time you use our Services. They may for example be used to help us recognise your device and to ensure that your Account is accessed by the person that inputs the correct username and password for that Account. You can find out more about how we use cookies and other similar technologies by reading our Privacy Notice.

If you have any questions about these Terms or our Services you may contact us at:

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